New Construction

New Construction

We sell a lot of new construction, and with good reason. There are several benefits to buying new construction, and here are a few of the many advantages:

Customization is a huge benefit of buying a new house. If you make the purchase early enough in the building process, builders may allow you to personalize the home according to your preferences. This means that countertops, flooring, cabinets and colors could be yours to choose.

Contemporary style and design is another big-ticket advantage to new construction. Today’s modern lifestyle often demands the open floor plan concept, which includes large rooms that flow into the kitchen and eating areas. Older homes tend to have compartmentalized rooms with both a formal dining room and formal living room, whereas newer homes reflect a more unified ambiance. Likewise, new builds often have large master baths, walk-in closets, and eat-in kitchens, which busy people tend to prefer.

Little maintenance is necessary for new construction. With the new heating and cooling systems, ventilation, flooring, appliances, and plumbing, there is hardly a need for maintenance. Moreover, many builders sometimes offer a warranty that covers many maintenance needs for several years. According to a 2011 census survey, homes built within the previous four years require approximately $8/month in repairs, whereas owners of older homes incur an average $33/month. The end result is a thicker wallet and much less stress.

Being the first person to live in a home is an advantage worth noting. Buyers like the idea of occupying a home before anyone else does. It’s nice not to have any associations with the house before you arrive. Plus, you don’t have the cooking or living odors, such as cigarette smoke or pets, that may come with previous occupants.

Energy-efficiency and eco-friendly housing standards of the modern day help save money and the environment. Today’s building materials are more energy-efficient than ever before. Energy-saving windows, efficient HVAC systems and Energy Star appliances help save the owner money on utility bills.

Today’s technology is considered in just-built homes. Homes are wired for large flat-screen televisions; alarm systems, security systems, and Internet wiring are accounted for; and cable is a given. Not only does this result in much-desired savings, it also reduces the need for unsightly holes scattered throughout the home.

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